The TV-TMG User Group Explores Custom Reports

Welcome to the online home of the Tri-Valley TMG User Group. We meet on the third Saturday* of the month, from 9:00 a.m. to noon, to discuss The Master Genealogist, its many features, and how we can use it to become better genealogists. (*Note that meeting days and times may change, and any changes will be found on our blog page.)

Custom Reporting Files

The blog accompanying this year's study is "Exploring Custom Reports with the TV-TMG User Group." There you will find a lot of screenshots and discussion of various reports. This study used the TMG sample database, as customized by our two years working with Mills' Evidence Explained, as our starting point. Most of the reports we created have been posted to our page, Exploring TMG's Report Menu.

Blog posts by report type

Meeting discussion files and links

This is our TV-TMG Reporting database, hopefully complete as of the end of our July 2012 meeting. This SQZ file is a newly named file, TV-TMG8_2012.SQZ. I would suggest that you restore it to a new folder within the TMG8 Projects folder. Mine is named Reporting. For those of you that keep all your projects in one folder, simply restore this to the Projects folder. Note that this is a version 8 project!

These are the reports that we have created this year. Please let me know if I'm missing any. The links will take you to pages describing the listed report.

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