The TV-TMG User Group's Continuing Adventures

Writing Prompts

We are currently conversing with our third blog, The Continuing Adventures of the TV-TMG User Group. This blog was begun officially in January 2014 to accompany our 2014 project, writing prompts.

Rather than basing our "adventures" on TMG's sample database, this project focuses on our own records. Each month, using one record type as a prompt, we will transcribe and analyze that record, and then create a narrative paragraph that derives from that record. Of course, that paragraph will mean extra research, more source citations, more data entry, and more potential TMG problems and solutions.

What are the goals of this year's exercises?

Blog posts provide more specifics and follow-up discussions, so don't forget to check those posts.

January 2014: Working with a Death Record

February 2014: Start with an Obituary (or other newspaper article)

March 2014: Starting with a Census Record

April 2014: Tombstone Tales

May 2014: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

June 2014: Begin with a Military Record

October 2014: Choose a Will or Estate Paper

November 2014: Study a Family Legend

This assignment made use of TMG's "Point to Point" journal report, so you might want to check it out.

December 2014: A Variety of Discussion Topics

Beginning with the January 2015 meeting, we've changed the format a little. The first part of each meeting is a topic discussion; the second part is a "Stump the Panel" forum. Not every month's meeting discussions have been posted to the blog, but here are some of the topics that have made it.

July 2015: Creating an Index

There was a lot of discussion and discovery in this meeting, so much that it required four posts to recap!

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